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What service is best for me?
What service should I choose?

What service should I choose?

If your are not sure which service you should go for here are some handy tips on picking a service:

Option 1

This service is for houses with 1 - 2 people or people living in apartments or who have very little space to store bins. The service still provides you with a weekly organic collection and a fortnightly waste / recycling collection. The only difference between this option and option 2 is that the bins are slightly smaller but they are all still full size wheelie bins. With this service you still recieve a discount if you do not put your waste bin out.

Option 2

This service is for large households or high waste producers. We would especially recommend this service for people who have a young family. With this service we collect the largest volume of material compared to any other waste company in Limerick. You recieve a standard Waste bin, an extra large Recycling bin and a standard 140Ltr Organic bin. We collect the Organic bin on a weekly basis and the Waste / Recycling every fortnight.

Don't worry if you have picked an option that does not suit you any more, you can switch between options by phoning us.